Seals of Approval

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011Sea Lions resting in a cove just outside of San Francisco

Robin Chick

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A robin has taken up residence in my yard. Found this little guy trying to rest near the bushes. (Momma robin was not happy with me taking its picture) 002

Douglas Squirrel (Chickaree)

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untitled-059This is my friend that was watching me as much as I was watching him. I put my camera bag down on the ground and I had left the top open. This lil’ guy and his friends were very intrigued with the ‘open bag’. They ran around a bit, waiting for me to leave it unattended and ‘chripped’ at me a lot. Finally, I zipped up my camera bag and they left to go chase each other else where. (and possible score some other goodies)

“Some bunny…

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… looking for love” untitled-9471(Yeah, the title’s kind of corny but it is Valentine’s Day) 😉 enjoy!

Urban Fox

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Fox - 2009