You See Anyone Coming Yet?

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IMG_9359These ground squirrels were looking down the road, ever vigilant.

Morning Stretch

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IMG_9379This little ground squirrel came out of its burrow and did a series of stretches for me.

Bottoms Up

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IMG_9009Taken at the Merced Wildlife Refuge last year. This duck was bobbing for food.

Color on the River

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untitled-087I up’d the saturation and contrast in my camera to get the new growth to really pop in this photo.  Also used in this photo, a circular polarizer.

Jagged River

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The thing that caught my eye as I walked along the edge of the river was the rocks and rapids.

Path Along the Merced

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untitled-108-2I parked my car at Fern Spring and went down to the bank of the Merced River. There is an old path that runs between the roadway and the river until you get to the meadow. I loved how the moss was growing over the rocks and up the trees. It provided a nice contrast to the photo.

Merced Rush Hour

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