Forest reflections

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I was out for a hike after the first snow of the season in Tahoe. There is a creek that flows next to the trail and a shimmer caught my eye. The creek was littered with pine needles and a small opening within the debris was this forest reflection.


Fall in the air

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After a few weeks of record temperatures in the Bay Area, the weather has gone back to normal. The morning a bit chillier. I can feel Fall in the air, soon the colors will being to change in the mountains. I can’t wait.


Views from the Bench

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Saturday’s view from the Bench along the Tahoe Rim Trail.


Erratic on basalt

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A few weeks ago I went to go find these basalt columns off of highway 88 near Silver Lake.  There was lots of bushwacking since there is no established trail and the cairns that lead you out there are random at best. I found them and they were pretty cool but there was these boulders of granite on top of the columns. I thought the contrasting colors played well against each other.


Moon and Venus

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Early morning with the moon and Venus rising above.

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View from the top

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Went on a 4 day backpacking trip with eleven kids from the YMCA of San Francisco , sponsored by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association High point of the trip, peak bagging Freel Peak at 10,881ft. The view from the top was amazing!


Into the wilderness I go

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Headed out into the forest for a few days