Erratic on basalt

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A few weeks ago I went to go find these basalt columns off of highway 88 near Silver Lake.  There was lots of bushwacking since there is no established trail and the cairns that lead you out there are random at best. I found them and they were pretty cool but there was these boulders of granite on top of the columns. I thought the contrasting colors played well against each other.


Curvature of the earth – Bonsai Rock

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Taken last weekend using my fisheye lens, Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe. I’ve seen many photos of Bonsai Rock, usually the best time is late afternoon and around sunset. For this photo I went out early and scrambled down the hillside to the shore and waited for the sun to crest the mountain side. I had the whole shoreline and beach to myself. Recent rains has raised the lake water levels again. I love the clarity of this lake, the blue tones and the rocks under water.

#34 – Photograph Macro/Close-up

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#34 and Rosemary Blossoms

This week I pulled #34 from the Lightbox Photography Cards set. “Macro photography is a challenge all by itself with a wealth of subjects for you to choose from.” I took several photos that I thought fit the criteria of the challenge. The hardest part of this challenge? Getting close enough to the subject meant sitting or lying down in the dirt and rocks.

Lagomarsino Canyon, NV

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Been back from my Southwest trip since early March. I had so many photos that I wanted to post from that trip that it’s taken me all the way into May. Now, for some shots from other adventures on the West Coast. Towards the end of March we ventured into Nevada to look for the Lagomarsino Canyon near Virginia City. Over 2000 petroglyphs have been recorded. The site is believed to be over 10,000 years old.

Natural Bridges, Utah

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Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico

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Finally made it to the Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico. An area in the North Western part of the state. After finding the parking lot and hopping a few cattle fences the landscape changed dramatically after about a 3/4 of a mile.



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052Came across of bunch of cairns in the forest last weekend. I suspected that this one had fallen over in the recent storm so I stacked a few rocks on top again for the next lucky traveler.

Rain Adds Color

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012-2Some people thank that when the weather is bad, everything is dark and dreary. I think that rain adds color to the scene. Greens are lusher, the oranges of the rocks seem to pop.

Fall on the Merced River

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026Being in California, I’m very fortunate that Yosemite is a few hours away. I usually don’t venture into the park during the holidays but I thought it would be fun to look for something interesting to shoot. It’s Fall now and there are the fallen leaves that line the shores of the Merced River for additional color. I liked how in the top of this photo it’s calm and in the foreground there is all this motion.