Sonoma Sunset

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A Beautiful Sonoma Sunset

Waiting For the Storm

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133-2End of Day 1 and we were waiting for the storm to roll in. The setting sun lightens up Waterhouse Peak and the storm forms in the distance.

Storm Brewing

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143Sun setting and the dark clouds coming in for another round of rain.

Boardwalk at Sunset in Yellowstone

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The sun was setting, the warm colors were reflecting off the stream & water in the hot springs.

Sand Harbor Sunset

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One of my favorite shots of 2014 so far. Sun setting over the North shore of Tahoe basin as seen from Sand Harbor Overlook.

Last Pop at Dusk

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Point Bonita – Marin Headlands, CA. There is a moment just after the sun sets below the horizon; where the sun seems to add one final ‘pop’ before it disappears for the evening. You never know what you’re going to get when you head out. From the cloud cover above I didn’t expect much from this evening. But, in those last moments the rays lit up the sky just a touch for some contrast.


Walkway to Point Bonita Lighthouse

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Got to Pt Bonita Lighthouse trail a little bit after closing. Nobody was around and I was able to take this shot just before sunset.


Sunset over Dicks Lake

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September sunset over Dicks Lake, Tahoe Basin

Amazing sunset

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August sunset in Tahoe