Wildlife Refuge

Don’t Mind Us, Just Passing Through

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untitled-9312A few Avocets just passing through the flock of Ross’ Geese

You See Anyone Coming Yet?

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IMG_9359These ground squirrels were looking down the road, ever vigilant.

Morning Stretch

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IMG_9379This little ground squirrel came out of its burrow and did a series of stretches for me.

Bottoms Up

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IMG_9009Taken at the Merced Wildlife Refuge last year. This duck was bobbing for food.

Thousands Take Flight

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untitled-9070Thousand of birds take flight as two cars pass by at the Merced National Wildlife Reserve

Searching and napping

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untitled-9341A lone Black Necked Stilt searching for a meal as Ross’s Geese nap

Great Egret

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“Some bunny…

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… looking for love” untitled-9471(Yeah, the title’s kind of corny but it is Valentine’s Day) 😉 enjoy!

Frenzied Flight

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untitled-9251Thousands of Ross’s Geese at the Merced National Wildlife Refuge.

Duck, Duck, Geese

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untitled-9218At the Merced National Wildlife Refuge amongst thousands of Ross’s Geese that winter here were these Northern Shoveler ducks splashing about.