Moon sets

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Last week, I scrambled down to the East shore of Lake Tahoe to a spot known as Bonsai Rock. While I was taking photos, I noticed the setting moon nicely centered from my spot on the shore. I used my headlamp to brighten the water below me and the boulders in the water. _MG_4946

Moon and Venus

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Early morning with the moon and Venus rising above.

_MG_2375 (2)


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083I took this photo a few months ago of the full moon over High Meadow in South Lake Tahoe.

Oaks by Moonlight

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Full Moon Rising

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untitled-032Full moon rising in the East at Mono Lake (May 2013)

Boardwalk by Moonlight

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untitled-265To make this shot interesting, I had to angle the boardwalk, the hot spring, the moon and its reflection into the frame. There’s so much to look at in the photo.