Great Blue Heron

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Decided to go out after work and look for wildlife in the estuary that near by. Found this Great Blue Heron stalking the waters for a meal.


#28 Photograph Reflections

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This week I pulled #28 from the Lightbox Photography Cards set. “The challenge here is to capture something of interest in a reflection”. Many iconic landscape photographs feature this technique. My samples this week are inspired by a recent trip to Oregon.


Osprey – Pandion haliaetus

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I was backpacking and the resident osprey flew overhead. It was probably looking for it’s next meal.

Bald Eagle in Flight

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A young Bald Eagle in flight on an early morning hike at Alpine Lake last month.
Bald Eagle in Flight

Sunset Hawk

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It was another back road adventure down a less traveled road when I saw this hawk sitting on a fence post. The sunset was setting and I pulled over and grabbed the camera. I fired off a few shots before he took off into the hazy sunset.

Watchful Eye

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010-2When I have the time, I like to take the back roads home. Last Sunday, I took Hunt Road off of highway 4 and it meanders through Calaveras county and opens to a valley. Along the way I cut over to Rock Creek Road and I spied this bird in an old oak tree by a stream. It was fairly large and as you can see mostly white from the vantage point I had from the road. It seemed to have its watchful eye on the landscape in front of it.

As seen from the road side.


Dinner To Go

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013These turkeys were feeding along the highway in this field. When I parked, they just started to wandered away from the highway (and out of range from my camera). All the time, heads down just eating their dinner to go.

Survived Thanksgiving

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007From the highway, I spotted a gang of turkeys. These guys were good sized and seemed to have escaped Thanksgiving last month.

Baby Jay

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006After the rains, I found this little baby jay sitting in the oak.

Dinner is Served

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016Great Heron with dinner. I lucked out on this shot. The Heron was wadding through the tide pool and suddenly lunged (I thought it tripped) and in its beak – dinner.