Crater of the Moon

Watch Children Carefully

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104Yes, please watch your children carefully, or the ground will swallow them up 😉


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139Beware of bats! Photo from my trip to Crater of the Moon, Idaho August 2013.

Old Tree

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untitled-061I took this shot last Fall at Crater of the Moon in Idaho. This fallen tree had probably stood for a long time. It probably was anchored for another few years before it finally toppled. But, even after it fell it made for a good shot.

Colors in Idaho

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Striking colors, blue sky, red lava flow, Dwarf Goldenbush and a sapling Limber Pine – Craters of the Moon, Idaho



Lil’ dragon of Crater of the Moon

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Walking along one of the trails at Crater of the Moon, Idaho, I spied this limb that reminded me of Mushu from the Disney movie Mulan.