Washington DC

Marigold and Bee

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285It was one huge marigold and one huge bee

Mt Vernon Slave Cabin

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265The media guide says that this is a replica of a slave’s cabin on Mt. Vernon estates.

“When he was 11, George Washington inherited 10 slaves from his father, and eventually owned as many as 316 during Mount Vernon’s peak of activity. Over a period of several years, Washington actually changed his mind about slavery, declaring in 1786 that he hoped a plan would be adopted by which “slavery in this country may be abolished by slow, sure and imperceptible degrees.” When Washington died in 1799, his will stated that all slaves under his ownership were to be freed. Of the 123 slaves from Mount Vernon who were freed after his death, a number of them were provided for while staying on the plantation.” from the website: http://www.mountvernon.org/

Walking Path

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277I thought I had lost these photos from my DC trip last year. Here’s a walking path between the Pioneer Farm to the Ox Pen at Mt. Vernon.

Praying Mantis

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268Praying Mantis found on the Mt. Vernon estate on my trip to DC last year.

Etiwan Fertilizer

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021I took this photo last year while visiting Old Town Alexandria. It is now the home of the Christmas Attic but used to be an old tobacco warehouse.

Veteran’s Day

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025On this day we remember all those that have served in our armed forces to protect our freedom.