Sand Harbor

Exposed at Sand Harbor

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187Boulders as big as cars, normally under water are exposed at Sand Harbor.


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Yesterday’s photo was the sun setting over the Tahoe Basin. I thought, I’d overexpose the photo (5 seconds) to show you the rock outcropping in the lake. The lake level is down but the water here is still relatively deep here (about 5-10 feet).


Sand Harbor Sunset

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One of my favorite shots of 2014 so far. Sun setting over the North shore of Tahoe basin as seen from Sand Harbor Overlook.

Tahoe Blue

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If you can stand the water temperature, this is a great spot for a dip in the lake.

Beach at Sand Harbor

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One of the many things I enjoy about the Tahoe Basin is the stillness of the water during certain times of the day. untitled-007

Sand Harbor Overlook Trail

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California is having a drought. I thought I’d head out to Sand Harbor in the Tahoe Basin to see how low the water was. In years past, the rocks are underwater. We need some rain soon. untitled-004

Above Sand Harbor

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View from Christopher's Loop above Sand Habor