Sawmill Ridge

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Early morning sunrise, looking towards Sawmill Ridge in the Eastern Sierras. As the sun rose the light hit the ridge and lit up the mountain with color. _MG_5593

McGee Creek

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Went looking for fall color this weekend and ended up at McGee Creek near Bishop. Most of the trees had already dropped their leaves this far south in the Sierras. Found a cool little spot by the creek and did some long exposures.


Fall in Hope Valley

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First fall hike of the year. Went to Hope Valley to look for fall colors but we were stopped by the water flowing in the river. That’s Pickett Peak in the background.


Moon sets

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Last week, I scrambled down to the East shore of Lake Tahoe to a spot known as Bonsai Rock. While I was taking photos, I noticed the setting moon nicely centered from my spot on the shore. I used my headlamp to brighten the water below me and the boulders in the water. _MG_4946

Forest reflections

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I was out for a hike after the first snow of the season in Tahoe. There is a creek that flows next to the trail and a shimmer caught my eye. The creek was littered with pine needles and a small opening within the debris was this forest reflection.


Fall in the air

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After a few weeks of record temperatures in the Bay Area, the weather has gone back to normal. The morning a bit chillier. I can feel Fall in the air, soon the colors will being to change in the mountains. I can’t wait.


Views from the Bench

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Saturday’s view from the Bench along the Tahoe Rim Trail.