Month: February 2014

Postcard from Yosemite

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untitled-231I never get tired of this view of Yosemite Valley. You’ve probably seen a billion photos from this angle but there’s something about this area that I see something inspiring every time. In this shot the looming storm clouds in the distance made this shot appealing.

Alpine lakes

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Thousands Take Flight

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untitled-9070Thousand of birds take flight as two cars pass by at the Merced National Wildlife Reserve

Frosty Juniper

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untitled-172This Juniper tree still had all these frozen ice crystals from the storm the night before. It created a cool looking natural flocking.

Vineyards and the dormant Rancho Seco

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untitled-199I was driving home last weekend and decided to take the old highway that runs parallel to highway 50. In the distance I saw the dormant nuclear plant power, Rancho Seco near Galt. The plant closed in 1989 by public vote dues to many infractions that raised public awareness to its plight. Today, it stands out among the vineyards and pastures in the Sacramento valley.

Willows & Sky

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Branchy Icicle

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untitled-160It had snowed the night before. Afternoons in the area reached the mid 50s and the snow & ice were melting fast. I walked past this tree and it was shedding its icicles in the afternoon sun.

Shot Rock Vista on 88

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untitled-135Shot Rock vista point on highway 88 from the overlook, looking West towards Bear River Reservoir

Snow to Play In

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untitled-122My dog loves the snow. There is this spot along highway 88 that we stop at every once in awhile. It had snowed the night before. My dog got out of the car and romped all over the place. She got to this point, took a rest and if I could have read her mind, she was thinking, “Ohhh there’s more SNOW TO PLAY IN!!”