McGee Creek

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Went looking for fall color this weekend and ended up at McGee Creek near Bishop. Most of the trees had already dropped their leaves this far south in the Sierras. Found a cool little spot by the creek and did some long exposures.


Fall in Hope Valley

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First fall hike of the year. Went to Hope Valley to look for fall colors but we were stopped by the water flowing in the river. That’s Pickett Peak in the background.


Fall in the air

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After a few weeks of record temperatures in the Bay Area, the weather has gone back to normal. The morning a bit chillier. I can feel Fall in the air, soon the colors will being to change in the mountains. I can’t wait.


Letharia vulpina – Wolf Lichen

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Letharia vulpina, commonly known as the wolf lichen is a fruticose lichenized species of fungus in the family Parmeliaceae. It is bright yellow-green, shrubby and highly branched, and grows on the bark of living and dead conifers in parts of western and continental Europe, the Pacific Northwest and northern Rocky Mountains of Western North America. This species is somewhat toxic to mammals due to the yellow pigment vulpinic acid, and has been used historically as a poison for wolves and foxes. It has also been used traditionally by many native North American ethnic groups as a pigment source for dyes and paints.


Moody oaks

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Calm before the next rain storm and I was looking up through the trees at the sky. Switching to black and white mode made for moody oaks and some cool patterns.

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Hide and Seek

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Winter Weight

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Recent snowstorms have the trees covered with snow. These trees looked like figures weighted down with heavy burdens.

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A Walk In The Forest

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I haven’t been out shooting this past month but it gives me the opportunity to revisit some of my past adventures from earlier this year. I enjoy a good walk in the forest. The trees and flora paint a pretty picture in colors and textures.


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Heading out for another backpacking trip in the Tahoe Basin today. Here are some shots from last month’s trip around Tahoe 🙂 Stayed at Round Lake a couple of nights. It’s an easy hike that meanders through a large meadow and ends at an alpine lake. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets and so many stars that you fall asleep if you try to count them the all. All made better with great company. Got to get out more 🙂

Stone Walls and Old Oaks

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Along the highway some properties are defined by stone walls.