Month: December 2014

Frozen Shoreline

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037Here’s the frozen shoreline of Caples Lake. I liked the interesting shapes of ice that formed. I’m not sure if there’s a boulder under one of the round ones or if somehow the currents created the ice disks in the water.

This is my 800th post! Wow and it’s the close of 2014! I’d like to wish you Happy New Year and may the new year bring you joy and happiness. 2015 brings some new travel adventures so I will be posting once a week instead of daily.

Thank you for visiting, “liking” and posting comments! Please keep ’em coming!

Best Wishes



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040Ice forming on Caples Lake

Natural Blue Tones

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001Caples Lake after the recent snow storm, the natural blue tones are highlighted in the sky, water, snow and ice forming.


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_MG_6359On the drive home from Tahoe, I stopped at Caples Lake. The lake is starting to freeze over but there is enough water to create reflections on the surface.


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002Recent rains leave droplets of water on a maple branch.

Go Make a Snow Angel

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009Happy Holidays everyone! Go out today, make snow angels and Enjoy! All the best to you and yours!

Dinner To Go

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013These turkeys were feeding along the highway in this field. When I parked, they just started to wandered away from the highway (and out of range from my camera). All the time, heads down just eating their dinner to go.

Survived Thanksgiving

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007From the highway, I spotted a gang of turkeys. These guys were good sized and seemed to have escaped Thanksgiving last month.

Winter is Coming

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018I love getting out after a storm and being able to look at untouched snow (and play in too.) In the distance, another weather system coming.