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Wildflowers in bloom. Columbine is one of my favorites to look for. 072

Lupine on the river

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Taylor Creek flows into Lake Tahoe on the western shore. On this morning the lupine can been seen in full bloom on the opposite side of the river.


Tiny flowers

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The rosemary in my yard is in bloom with its tiny flowers.


Standing out in a crowd

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In a field of yellow Coreopsis, these bluish purple blooms of larkspur stood out to me. Vibrant against all the yellows surrounding it. Equally stunning and beautiful, standing out in the crowd.


Super Bloom Carrizo Plains

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I had heard about the Carrizo Plains a few years ago and wanted to find it. It was a Saturday and the original location I wanted to shoot at didn’t pan out so I decide to go for it. I arrived mid morning and there were already several cars in the valley. I started looking for any place that had less people. The road sign said Caliente Ridge and I followed that to the top. Looking back at the valley below, I knew I made the right decision.

Coastal Wild Onion

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Was out wandering out by the cliffs at Sonoma Coast State Park and spied these wild onion blooms clinging to the edge.


#34 – Photograph Macro/Close-up

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#34 and Rosemary Blossoms

This week I pulled #34 from the Lightbox Photography Cards set. “Macro photography is a challenge all by itself with a wealth of subjects for you to choose from.” I took several photos that I thought fit the criteria of the challenge. The hardest part of this challenge? Getting close enough to the subject meant sitting or lying down in the dirt and rocks.

A Walk In The Forest

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I haven’t been out shooting this past month but it gives me the opportunity to revisit some of my past adventures from earlier this year. I enjoy a good walk in the forest. The trees and flora paint a pretty picture in colors and textures.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park, AZ

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Spent part of a day at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park in Arizona last March.

Marigold and Bee

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285It was one huge marigold and one huge bee