Month: September 2014

PCT South

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017I hiked along the PCT trail about a mile and a half. Found a great spot to view the mountains of the PCT heading South.

PCT North

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021-2Off of Blue Lakes Road is Tamarack Junction. It is a crossroads for the PCT. North takes you to Carson Pass and South will take you to Ebbetts Pass near Hwy 4.

Clear for Miles…

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003From this spot, one could see for miles. That’s Hope Valley in the middle right side on the photo. I lucked out on the views on this road. I’ve driven by it so many times, never making the time to stop. My dad use to take us fishing at Blue lakes when we were young. I remember old dusty roads and goofing off along the shoreline. I don’t remember views like this. Time to make new memories and combine them with the old ones.

Blue Lakes Road

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005Fun road to travel on with lots of areas that I want to explore. I’ll be back soon!

Ducks on a Pond

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008Took a detour on the way home a few weekends ago. Just off of Hwy 88 is Blue Lakes Road. I followed that road almost to the end and spotted these ducks on a pond. They were camera shy and got outta there as soon as I got close

Freel Peak

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Freel Peak (Washo: dewgulum dakʔak[3]) is a mountain located in the Carson Range, a spur of the Sierra Nevada, near Lake Tahoe in California.

The peak is on the boundary between El Dorado County and Alpine County; and the boundary between the Eldorado National Forest and the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.[4] At 10,886 feet (3,318 m) it is the tallest summit in the Carson Range, El Dorado County and the Tahoe Basin.[2] Due to its elevation, most of the precipitation that falls on the mountain is snow.[5]

In 1893, the U.S. Geological Survey assigned the name Freel Peak to what was then known as Jobs Peak. James Freel was an early settler in the area.

Star Lake Trail

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051-2From High Meadow Trail the trail to Star Lake meanders through the tall pines. At this vantage point you can get a glimpse of Lake Tahoe through the trees.

Odd Trees by the Lake

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026If you’ve visited this blog a few times, you’ll see that I have a fondness for trees and lakes. I have even more fondness for odd trees by a lake shore 😉

Star Lake

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006There is this tiny alpine lake that my family has been visiting for years. Star Lake is at 9200′ and surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the Tahoe Basin.

Sentinels of the Lake

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030 These trees remind me of sentinels standing guard over the lake.