West Coast Shoreline

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Beautiful West coast shoreline, with its crashing waves and rocky beaches. Calming to hear the waves going back and forth. Yet, so dangerous if you were to venture in its waters.


Sonoma Sunset

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A Beautiful Sonoma Sunset

Coastal Wild Onion

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Was out wandering out by the cliffs at Sonoma Coast State Park and spied these wild onion blooms clinging to the edge.


Pacific Ocean

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034On a drive down to Southern California along the coast highway; there were many scenic overlooks to view the Pacific Ocean.

Anyone Home?

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071-2Wandering around the tide pool, I saw this calcified seashell. It looked like a black turban snail had taken up residence but I don’t think anyone was home when I inspected it closer.

Goose Barnacles

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082Pollicipes polymerus is found in the north eastern Pacific Ocean, its range extending from southern Alaska to Baja California. It occurs on rocky coasts in the intertidal zone and favors exposed areas where there is much wave action. It tends to occur in closely associated groups and is often abundant.